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Australian-Rules football, officially known as Australian Football or Aussie Rules has exploded in popularity over the last few years. This popularity has allowed us to introduce many new players to the Australian Football League (AFL).


While we cater primarily to sophisticated and professional players, we feel that its important to give a guided tour of our service to everyone, new and old.


Number one- We DO NOT accept bets. We are in the business of providing information on games for information and entertainment purposes only. We are not a sportsbook.

What Is It That You Do?

We are game analysts, researchers, quantitative gurus, tip brokers, and your connection to people in the know. Our Australian Football practice is very large and boasts clients not just from Australia, but from all over the world. We provide game pick information divided by a specialized classification system. Put another way, the source of the pick is directly related to its classification name. If the pick was generated exclusively by the use of our in-house stat guys, its a BETA pick. 

we grade our picks based on a graduated level by confirmation, what does that mean?

Let’s say our in-house stat guys come up with a pick on the Richmond Tigers/Collingwood Magpies Game Total UNDER 138. Then we receive information from an unrelated and wholly independent source from one of our bookmaker contacts. The information we receive is that 15K has just been taken on the same game pick (UNDER 138). This serves as a second level confirmation that triggers an upgrade of our original BETA pick to ALPHA. The following image describes the relationship between source of information and our internal rating systems.

What If I Buy A Pick And The Line Is Different?

This is inevitably going to happen due to fast moving nature of the markets. However, our picks are released on the current market line available at all major sports books. Our picks are then graded on what was released. Given the availability to buy points, you should do so within reason. If for example, your purchase a total and the line has moved 4 points against you, then we will refund your purchase. If we release a Richmond -9 and the line is now -9.5, then buy the half point.

I Need Just A Little Help, Can I Call Someone?

You can call, chat, or email.