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GS Intel



$345 $ 239 / month
  • Our Value Rated Releases
  • 1 to 3 Unit Releases
  • In-House Model Releases
  • 3-4 Releases Per Night

These picks represent value opportunities within the intelligence cycle. They  function to diversify a client's overall capital risk. Much like a mutual fund weighting, these plays are designed to run with  larger anchor plays but also can be used to build up a smaller player's bankroll.


$555 $ 337 / month
  • Our Top Rated Releases
  • 4 to 6 Unit Releases
  • Syndicate Releases
  • 1-2 Releases Per Night

These picks are the highest daily rated releases graded between 4-6 units, and represent the highest probability of success based on our intelligence cycle. These plays are designed to anchor an advanced players daily action.                                            

Best Value


$675 $ 437 / month
  • Best Return/Diversification
  • 1 to 6 Unit Releases
  • Alpha and Beta Releases
  • 4-6 Releases Per Night

Designed with the professional in mind, the CHARLIE program includes all ALPHA and BETA PLAYS. The typical client profile for this product is a manager of a sports fund or trades their individual accounts.                                                                                                     


$199 $ 149 / month
  • Recreational Product
  • 3-6 Unit Releases
  • 1 Top Pick Monday-Friday
  • 2 Picks Saturday/Sunday

ECHO is a recreational product intended for smaller players. ECHO members will receive 1 top quality pick Monday thru Friday and 2 picks on Saturday and Sunday from either the ALPHA or BETA programs. ECHO is offered only on a monthly or annual basis.